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Top 9 Health & Beauty products of 2019

2019 has been amazing, I have learnt so much, expanded my comfort zone and put myself out there. I have fallen in love with the beauty side of health over the year, have changed my diet to be more plant based, and delved into the face-care industry. Here are my non-fitness favourite health and beauty products of 2019. 


A kent based natural and organic wholefood provider. BWFO actually introduced me to buckwheat, something that I hadn’t come across but it was only about time. Buckwheat which is rich in dietary fiber is super good for the body specifically improving heart health and reducing blood sugar. Buckwheat can be added to salads, sandwiches, used to make pancakes and great for a wholesome breakfast.


Arm skin, shoulder skin and leg skin all places where I suffer with eczema. My eczema actually worsens in my sleep, I wake up scratching uncontrollably. I have tried, Aveno, Diprobase, prescription topical treatments and nothing works as well as Cetraben. It significantly reduces redness, itching and actually gets rid of the inflamed patch within a few days. Cetraben do a range of skin care products but my favourite is the blue and white bottle ‘dermatological cetraben cream’.


My favourite skincare brand for women that workout! As good as sweating is it holds dirt in the pores, when we sweat we touch our face often transferring filth from our hands to our face and can also lead to irritation and inflammation if it sits on your skin for too long. Women who exercise strenuously have specific facial care needs, requiring special formulas and textures and fre does that.

Amazon beauty calendar

For that special time of the year, as much as I love a good ol’ chocolate calendar I have really enjoyed my beauty calendar this month. There are some amazing well-known brands and unknown brands that have collaborated on this product such as elemis, nars, collection and simple. Luckily only 1 of my calendar gifts has not suited me (bedhead brittle hair treatment) and the rest I have either used or will use. On the plus the boxes are great for reuse on Christmas presents.

Argan oil

A classic beauty oil aimed at hydrating and softening hair. I straightened my hair for years and years before I started to get lazy and just leave my hair to be its crazy self. All those years of damage has dried out my hair big time. I don’t use it as often as I should but whenever I do my hair feels amazing. 3-4 drops on my hands after washing my hair et voila.

Twisted sister

Curly hair sisters listen up! I have found THE hair product for me. The product is infused with all the good stuff; coconut, avocado and almond oils. My favourites are the luxurious clarifying shampoo and 30 second curl spray. Easy to use, not overpriced and creates luscious curls.  


Quorn Chicken Nuggets

They taste like chicken, smell like chicken but they aren’t chicken. If youre a vegetarian or pesectarian or just trying to be more plant based these are your perfect chicken nugget substitute. Quorn aims to deliver accessible health meat alternative options. Quorn products are getting tastier and tastier!

Vitamin C eye cream

Eye skin is fragile and prone to dryness. Eye creams are aimed at reducing ageing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles (which is why I started using it-dryness and dark circles). I currently use superdrug's vitamin c eye cream because I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I was sceptical about however I quickly saw results and am looking forward to trying out some different eye cream brands.  

Beeswax covers

This one is for all you eco-warriors out there. I would like yo think that I am being more sustainable and doing my best for the planet. My mind was blown when I came across these. They can be used as sandwich bags and food cover alternatives. They are cotton or other fabrics infused with food-grade beeswax which helps food stay fresh for longer to reduce food wastage and also a lot better than using cling film.

Here is to 2020!

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