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Exercise classes for seniors over 60s

Our Exercise Classes for seniors for over 60s

Gentle exercise classes for over 60's

Our gentle exercise classes for over 60's

Vitality Hub one of the UK’s leading providers when it comes to physical activity, fitness and gentle exercise classes for over 60’s and those who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. We work in care homes, housing associations, charities, retirement villages and disability organisations. We work with individuals to improve their physical health, independence, and mobility in daily life and boost their mood through enjoyable and social exercise programs. We work in a prefered location,some examples of where you can find us providing exercise programmes; individuals homes, residential settings, public spaces and hired facilities.

Here are just a few of the benefits of physical activity and why you might want to try our programmes:

●     It helps maintain a healthy body
●     Strengthens muscles and reduces the risk of falls  
●    Maintains and improves your thinking skills and brain health
●    Increases mood and energy levels (exercise releases positive endorphins) 

Gentle exercise classes for over 60's can be a combination of seated, standing, or a hybrid of the two. During these sessions, you experience a full-body workout with the goal of improving your balance, joint mobility, and posture. Depending on the individual we provide personalised modifications based on physical ability and movement prescription can be adjusted to be more intense when accustomed to regular physical activity. Connect with us for Exercise classes for over 60s!

Fitness classes for over 60

Fitness classes for over 60s

Why not join a fitness class for over 60’s at Vitality Hub. Vitality Hub started when the founder Rosaria Barreto realised that there was not anyone with the relevant knowledge and understanding of a variety of health conditions to support her Grandma (Bibi) who has dementia, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal conditions. Vitality Hub started by providing one to one and group exercise classes for a variety of individuals with health conditions and grew to focus on over 60's and people with health conditions such as COPD, Arthritis and Back Injury. 


Over time we realised that many of the older adults utilising Vitality Hub services didn't have one chronic health condition but had a variety which meant that sessions had to be adapted. We also realised that many of our users were isolated due to their conditions and so we started to increase the social opportunities and aspects of our sessions ensuring that during each session we take the time to care and talk to our users. As a result we now run a wide variety of bespoke one to one and group programmes which include social exercise focused on mobility, strength, balance coordination and lung health development across the UK both online and face to face.


We offer a diverse range of classes, get in touch to find out more!

Our plans for gentle exercise classes for seniors

The aims of our gentle exercise classes for seniors are to increase physical ability to improve quality of life as we age. Exercise is medicine and can significantly affect what you can and cannot do with your body. We also aim to facilitate social environments to tackle loneliness in later life through engaging exercise classes and further to this offer enjoyable exercise! We haven't done our job properly if you get bored or did not enjoy it.


Exercise plays such an essential role in keeping healthy physically and mentally. Suppose you have a family member or friend that needs support directly from home but still needs to keep their body and brain active. You have come to the right place!


Our gentle exercises classes are curated essentially for everyone who is 60 plus. We specialise in over 60's fitness. We can tailor personal training appropriately, target fitness classes and offer exercise for rehabilitation in addition to health and well-being plans. You can read below what we include in our Gentle Exercise classes for seniors.

What we offer in exercise classes for over 60's

Our exercise classes for over 60's are all about having fun whilst exercising and getting the chance to socialise with others. Each class is tailored to the group, so we can't share specifics because we create tailored group classes that consider physical, psychological, and preferential needs of the participants.

Some examples of our services:

  • Exercise classes for wheelchair users 

  • Personalised exercise for people using mental health services

  • Fitness classes for over 60

  • One to One personalised programmes for older adults

  • One to One bespoke exercise session for people with disabilities

Personalised programmes for specific groups

We work with a variety of groups such as mental health clinics, rehabilitation trusts, disability charities and more! 

One to one and exercise classes for these groups such as wheelchair users are a great way to maintain physical ability and improve self-confidence. The sessions are designed to prevent muscle deterioration, avoid movement pathway degeneration and instigate regular muscle memory stimulation. We have worked with the centre for independent living Kent on a 6 month project understanding the needs of wheelchair users when it comes to exercise so we have also put together a community interest company called ABLTY, for people who want to do online exercise. Why not check it out at

Personalised exercise for people using mental health services and hospitals are a great chance to introduce service users to new forms of activity that can facilitate their recovery process. We offer bespoke group classes that consider the psychological state of mind of the group which significantly impact mood brightness, stimulate positive endorphins, and encourage teamwork.

Over 60 women enjoying vitalityhub's fitness classes

Why VitalityHub for fitness classes for over 60s?

We are the best in town! We have years of experience learning through real-life situations, we prioritise empathy and care when teaching sessions, and realise that exercise adherence is key for positive impact.

With the fitness classes for over 60s organised by Vitality Hub, you can feel at ease and in safe hands. We specialise in senior holistic health and offer a range of services, including exercise for seniors over 60, in-home personal training, and exercise videos. 


Vitality Hub is a mobile company offering projects across the UK with head office based in Maidstone, Kent. We also offer virtual projects around the U.K. for all individuals, especially those over 60 in line with our Mature Movers platform (COMING SOON). So, trust Vitality Hub and connect for an exuberant experience through fitness classes for over 60s.

Benefits of exercise classes for seniors

Benefits of exercise classes for seniors.jpg

Benefits of exercise classes for seniors include physical adaptations that promote improved posture, better movement patterns, stronger muscles, and maintain good balance, as well as psychological improvements such as improve mood, reduced anxiety and depression and not to mention the social benefits aimed at tackling loneliness.


As you get older, exercising has many benefits, including:

  • It improves your strength. This allows you to live independently.

  • It improves your balance. This prevents falls.

  • It offers you extra energy. To get on with daily tasks.

  • It contains or delays diseases, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis.

  • It can enhance your temper and combat anxiety and depression.

  • It might also additionally improve cognitive function (how your mind works)

  • Improve coordination, boost mood and sustain memory retention. To delay onset of dementia/alzheimers.


For most adults over 60, it is safe to play sports as well as people with chronic illnesses in the right environment with well-equipped coaches. Sports and exercise games are great ways to engage groups so why not have fun whilst preventing the worsening of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Although its important to consult your doctor if you are unsure if the practice is safe you are in very safe hands with highly qualified and experience clinical exercise specialists at Vitality Hub, our exercises classes for seniors have integrated expert care for your safety.

Get in touch now!

Get in touch now

Vitality Hub took the challenge to maintain and provide physical health services, especially during the pandemic. We launched a range of new initiatives to support people using the service, such as an upgraded website and an improved reporting system for complaints.


According to some of our dear customers:


“Dealt admirably with the challenges posed by the pandemic”


“Everyone we spoke to said that they would recommend the service to others.”


Hence, we are skillfully equipped, capable and eager to connect you with our physical health plans and services. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience for exercise classes and fitness plans.

Class Timetable

Monday | 10AM | 60's+ Dance Aerobics | Tonbridge School Centre

Wednesday | 10AM | 60's+ Dance Aerobics | Online

Thursday | 12:30PM | 60's+ Dance Aerobics | Pembury Village Hall

Vitalityhub's satified Clients

Meet our clients!


Brenda, Age 87

"I am rather an ancient old lady with severe mobility problems which keeps me very sedentary most of the time. My family felt I needed to use what muscles I have left more frequently which is what inspired me to seek some help. Rosie has done just that - a charming, smiley, very qualified young lady who is a delight to be with. Inspiring whilst instilling some discipline which I badly need and working me hard in such a friendly way."

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