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Helping older people move better and think happier thoughts

Exercise for older adults

Exercise for older adults is a UK based, personal training company that works with people over 60 who are living with chronic illnesses, as well individuals who struggle with everyday movement. We specialise in older adults physical mobility and health and offer a range of services including group exercise classes for seniors over 60's, in-home personal trainer for over 60's, exercise videos for seniors and we also curate and deliver physical activity projects for organisations that focus on later life, disability and mental health organisations. Our head office is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent but our services span the UK. We are available for Private Personal Training, Private Group Training across the Southeast and offer virtual projects around the U.K. We also have our public Mature Movers Classes, see timetable below.

Public Class Timetable

Monday | 11AM | 60's+ Dance Aerobics | Online

Tuesday | 11AM | 60's+ Dance Aerobics | Pembury Village Hall

What we do


Physical Activity Projects

Group Physical Activity Projects for specific groups.

Physical activity projects for private groups and organisations looking to support health recovery. We work with mental health hospitals, Older Adult Organisations and Disability Charities to improve physical and psychological wellbeing. 


Brenda, Age 87

"I am rather an ancient old lady with severe mobility problems which keeps me very sedentary most of the time. My family felt I needed to use what muscles I have left more frequently which is what inspired me to seek some help. Rosie has done just that - a charming, smiley, very qualified young lady who is a delight to be with. Inspiring whilst instilling some discipline which I badly need and working me hard in such a friendly way."

Partners past and present



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