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Personal trainer for over 60s

Our personal trainer for over 60s

Benefits of a personal trainer for seniors

There are a lot of benefits having a personal trainer for seniors. Many people associate personal training with the younger age group, which anyone can enjoy at any stage of their lives. There are several reasons why people over the age of 60 should consider using a personal trainer. Today, we'll share some of the many benefits you'll experience when you start incorporating regular training into your schedule.

●    They Provide Safe and Effective Workouts
●    Personal Trainers for Over 60s Help You Maintain or Lose Weight
●    They Look After Your Mind and Body
●    Personal Trainers Help to Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles
●    They Boost Your Energy Levels
●    Personal Trainers for Seniors Keep You Feeling Younger
●    Exercise Assists with Sleep and Relaxation.

There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer, as you can see above. No matter your current age, it's never too late to get started. You can find an expert personal trainer for seniors who has worked with people over the age of 60.

How to hire personal trainer for over 60s

Bringing on a Personal trainer for over 60s can be a key to getting fit and maintaining health for older adults. Whether you're new to a personal trainer or need to get a new trainer for some reason, it's a good idea to do your homework before hiring someone to find the one that's right for you. Below are some questions you can ask them:


  1. How much do they charge?

  2. Ask about the trainer's training and certifications?

  3. What is the trainer's specialisation?

  4. Ask the trainer to describe their training style

  5. Ask them to describe a typical session

  6. How will the trainer help you meet your specific goals?

  7. How will they measure your progress?

  8. What equipment will you need for the recommended home exercise program?

  9. Inquire for references. Can the trainer put you in touch with current or former clients?

  10. How should you get ready for the first session?


You can get in touch with a Personal trainer for over 60s here easily.

Meet our trainers

Rosaria Barreto.jpg

Rosaria Barreto

Paddock wood/Tunbridge Wells/Maidstone


  • BSc Exercise and Fitness Management  

  • REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 Exercise referral qualification

  • Level 3 Sports Masseuse 

  • First Aid adult and paediatric

  • DBS Adult and Paediatric

  • ETM and Dance, Fitness and Movement Qualifications

  • Level 2 Falls Prevention

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Assessor

Our personal trainer with client

Why VitalityHub as a personal trainer for over 60s

VitalityHub has expertise when it comes to Personal trainer for over 60s. With the training sessions and fitness plans organised by Vitality Hub, you can feel at ease and in safe hands. Vitality Hub is a U.K. based personal training company that works with people who are living with chronic illnesses, as well as individuals who struggle with everyday movement. 

We specialise in senior holistic health and offer a range of services, including exercise for seniors over 60, in-home personal training, and exercise videos. We also work with later-life organisations. Our Mature Movers Classes are designed solely for the seniors. Get in touch with us today as we have a Personal trainer for over 60s ready for you.


Brenda, Age 87

"I am rather an ancient old lady with severe mobility problems which keeps me very sedentary most of the time. My family felt I needed to use what muscles I have left more frequently which is what inspired me to seek some help. Rosie has done just that - a charming, smiley, very qualified young lady who is a delight to be with. Inspiring whilst instilling some discipline which I badly need and working me hard in such a friendly way."

Personal trainer for over 60s

Our personal trainer talking to over 60s man

If you're looking for a Personal trainer for over 60s, then we've got your back! Have you decided that this is the year you will get fit? And, this time, you are going to stick with it. Hiring a personal trainer can be a ticket to your lasting success. Personal trainers not only help streamline your workout routines, but also motivate you to connect with others to guide you into a lasting workout groove.


Personal Training for older adults considers a variety of accessible substitutes depending on your mobility, injury or health status. Personal training focuses on the individual's different needs and abilities, at Vitality Hub we incorporate exercises that consider common problems associated with ageing, including joint pain and general musculoskeletal health and safety. Personalised personal training for over 60s can be the difference between a happy later life, to a life consumed by doctors appointments and pain, some might even say it's the difference between life and death. Our Personal trainer for over 60s is here to provide you with a caring, empathetic and enjoyable experience. 

Why a personal trainer?

Our Personal trainer image

Personal Trainers for over 60s can offer insight, knowledge and experience which can be embedded into fitness programmes for older adults. These programmes can offer greater day to day independence, functional mobility and balance and stability for falls prevention. This particular exercise regime is designed to tackle the physical degeneration associated with ageing. Motivation is another crucial aspect of movement especially when you have an injury or health condition that makes exercising even more challenging.

The notion that people over 60 are "too old" or “it's too dangerous” for can discourage older people from pursuing fitness programs. Concerns about the risk of injury are well-founded, as as we grow older, our bodies become slower to heal and recover and minor injuries can lead to more significant problems.  This is where personal trainers who specialise in senior fitness become essential. You can build confidence and learn the correct technique when you have someone who guides you and reassures you. Connect with a personal trainer for over 60s at Vitality Hub today!

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