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New year healthier me!

I don’t actually like the phrase ‘New Year New ME’ – I think its quite silly actually, you don’t need to be a ‘New you’, you just need to change some things that you may not like about yourself! For example, I’m pretty healthy already but there are some things I can change in my diet and everyday life that will make me feel better and reach my personal goals! Maybe give it a go yourself? My 3 goals are (I’ve chosen 3 because, well, that’s just standard) …

  1. Cut out Dairy from my diet to the best of my ability (because let’s be honest if I’m going to eat a burger its definitely going to be covered in cheese)

  2. Go for runs more regularly to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

  3. READ! I really love it, but I’m just so awful at doing it, it’s the last on my list of ‘Things to Do’ so obviously, it never gets done

But seriously now, 3 goals are achievable. But starting off with 1 or 2 is just as good, it depends on how motivated you are to actually do them.

Now why have I chosen them? Well, dairy intolerance runs in the family and without going to a professional to check up I strongly believe I am dairy intolerant. For about a year I thought I was gluten intolerant (yes, I was one of those people), but actually gluten doesn’t affect me all the time and I would only react to 60% of gluten products. Then a close friend of mine mentioned that its actually dairy she doesn’t respond very well to and pointed out that whenever I eat gluten products they are covered in dairy, i.e., burgers, cheesy chips, nachos, buttered toast etc.. Now I don’t eat these all the time but every once in a while, I do allow myself to indulge.

In terms of running, I am a netball player and my preferred position is Centre, so that basically means I run… A LOT. I am also very competitive with myself and always want to do well so maintaining and improving my stamina is crucial. No only this it will be a good way to journey into the ‘OUTSIDE’ I don’t do this enough and 85% of my time is spent cooped up indoors revising, doing course work and going to the gym, which happens to be indoors.

Finally, ‘reading is so important’… “yes MOM! I know!” but why is it? We know its important because it will help you have a better understanding of the English language and widen your vocabulary but actually, reading does much more! For me, it inspires me in my work and who I want to be as a person, it also challenges me by giving me ideas of new things to try like, cooking dishes that I may not have tried yet. So, READING=GOOD.

Let’s remember the good the bad and amazing things that happened in 2017 but also look forward to the great things that are about to happen in 2018!

Rosie B out! xoxo

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