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My trip to the Alps

Skiing is honestly the most terrifying thing I have ever done. It honestly is! If you started skiing during childhood then you probably didn’t find it as scary as I did. I probably cried about 10 times sitting on the slopes and having a tantrum and getting very frustrated with myself. Here is a little diary of my time in Alpe D’Huez.

On arrival we met Lily our chalet girl, she was such a babe, so hard working and loved to join in on the banter. Day 1 was very exciting and nerve racking, I didn’t have a good sleep the night before (probably because of the anxiety that had been building up). Luckily, I had a lesson booked for the morning where I met 2 lovely ladies and their husbands.

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. Jimmy (my skiing instructor) was honestly the best coach in the world. He has experience coaching national teams and working with some incredible athletes. He was hilarious and would constantly take the mick out of my accent (He is Scottish). Later we went for stroll around the village and did

some investigating. I had only eaten breakfast and dinner the first day and not a lot of it, due to the nerves. The evening was spent laughing and game playing as well as consuming rather a lot of alcohol. By day 3 my muscles were sore and achey, I had a bunged up head and was still very nervous about skiing, I thought, well skiing just isn’t for me.

I was grateful for the bad weather on day 3, which meant the ski lifts were closed. Instead, we went swimming for about 5 minutes in an outdoor pool in which Sam (my boyfriend) and Joe (Sams sisters boyfriend) jumped in the snow -mostly naked and would then jump back into the pool. I think there is a little bromance going on between them to be honest. We also played some crazy golf and Sams brother Matt nearly died after choking on some steak that he hadn’t cut up small enough.

The next day was spent skiing and instead of being scared that I was going to fall of the edge of the cliff I absolutely loved it! I had suddenly got the hang of it, I can’t go very fast and do have some wobbly moments but I now understood why everyone that goes skiing loves it. It is so freeing and exhilarating. The feeling of skidding down a mountain in style is something like no other.  The last day was such a drag!We also took a trip up to 'La Folie Deuce' it was like nothing i had ever seen before! People dancing on tables, in the mountains drinking copious volumes of beer and wine.

All of us were sad to be going home and reality was starting to kick in! On the journey back I watched ‘the man who knew infinity’- I do not re

commend watching this on a coach full of people, especially if youre a cryer! We finally got back home after a day of travelling, ate a fat chicken korma and went to bed.I ate a lot in the past week, mmmh!gooey delisious cheese, warm milky hot chocolate and fat juicy BURGERS! It was super enjoyable and I will never forget my first ski holiday in the Alpes. But now, it is time to get back on track, work of last weeks indulgences and read the 50 million emails I have been sent.

Next weeks blog is about the first 3 weeks of Alex, Will and Lilys Healthy Kick! So stay tuned!

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