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Lets do this 2019

At the end of every year people start saying to themselves, next year is THE year! and by February they haven't been to the gym for a few weeks, they are back into their old habits and all new year new me goals are out the window.

BUT GUYS! We are only human! and life gets in the way. Even me, as a health and fitness influencer, I count in this population of giving up on goals. There is no such thing as someone that 100% completely sticks to their new years resolution. Life happens. On the flip side however, we can do our best to stick to our goals we can write action plans that encourage a higher chance of being able to follow through. 

A lot of pessimistic individuals say "whats the point if you know that you won't stick to it?"... Good point but new years resolutions aren't about proving a point or sticking to it they are about trying your best to achieve something that you find challenging, and you can't succeed if you don't have a few hiccups a long the way. 

So before the 1st January 2019, I want you and a loved one, whether it's a best friend, partner, brother, sister, grandma, auntie or whoever, to sit down and put together an action plan. Do it with someone else, as having a supporter who knows what you are going through can be there and empathise (in other words you can can moan, cry and laugh together when things go titsup). 

Step 1.

List 5 things you want to improve, change or alter in your life:

i.e: 1. I want to get stronger

    2. I want to look fitter 

    3. I want to feel comfortable in tight dresses

    4. I want to be able to do a back-flip

    5. I want to be more organised

Step 2.

Analyse how they link together

"well, I know if I want to look fitter, feel comfortable in a tight dress and get stronger  have to exercise daily, so thats ACTION NO.1"

" I also know that as I become stronger I will be more able to do a backflip" 

" the reason I haven't been attending the gym regularly is because I have not been very organised the last 3 months and have not been factoring any me time"

Step 3.

Bullet Point Actions

 - Exercise daily 

 - Do a weekly plan of when I will exercise 

 - Include exercise's that will enhance my ability to backflip

Step 4. 

Goal Setting (meh)

(1) At the start of each week when I plan my clients and appointments I will also include a 1.5 hr break for me to do some form of exercise. (2) I will implements this 4 times a week minimum. (3) 15 minutes before each session I will plan, write down and record the exercise, weight, sets and reps. 

So as you can see there are 3 goals in 1. You can break this down as I have if that works for you but if not feel free to keep it as one. 

Step 5.

Implement this into your life. There will be weeks that you can't get to the gym 4 times, but you can always make that up the next week. Every week is a new week and a chance for you to do better and learn from your mistakes. 

So there you have it kids. Don't just tell yourself 'this is what I am going to do...', because 9 times out of 10 it won't work. Spend 20 minutes with a mate or relative that has nothing but good hopes for you.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year, LETS DO THIS 2019!

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