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You nearly gave me a heart attack!

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is really hard to notice which can leave one in a tricky situation especially if they end up having a stroke or heart attack.

  • An ideal blood pressure reading is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg

  • HIGH BP is considered to be 140/90 or higher

  • How can you check you BP?

  • You can buy your own sphygmomanometer (Blood pressure measuring gadget, if you struggle to say sphygmomanometer) online at amazon for £15.99 (see below for the link)

  • GP Surgery

  • Some Pharmacies (Check before you make the trip)

RECOMMENDATIONS for how to reduce HBP:

- Reduce salt intake i.e. processed foods

- Eat more fruit and veg, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumber

- Start exercising more by walking or taking up a sport or exercise class such as Jazzercise or Netball

- Swap the bottle of wine to a glass of wine a night

- Get some help with smoking addictions- Read the nicotine trick

- Have a regular routine and go outdoors so that you sleep better

Persistent high BP can increase the likelihood and number of potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and failure, kidney disease and strokes, (Not good).

Unfortunately, experts are not always certain about the causes for individuals but various hereditary and lifestyle factors can contribute.

The main uncontrollable factors are, age- Over 65 and whether you are African or Caribbean descent. However, there are a lot more let’s say ‘controllable’ factors:

  • Make sure you aren't eating too much salt

  • Eating enough fruit and veg

  • Don't be Sedentary

  • Consuming less alcohol

  • Stop Smoking (Blegh)

  • Sort your sleep out

There are also medications that you can be prescribed from your doctor, but we don’t want you to reach this point, so take my advice and follow the recommendations. If you are however being prescribed medication, incorporate the recommendations into your lifestyle so that you can come reduce you blood pressure and eventually will be asked to come off the meds, because lets face it, no one likes remembering to have to take meds during the day.

For more information please check the NHS website

For a BP Gadget:

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