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Vive wellness supplements, do I need them?

Do I need to take supplements?

It’s been a crazy month and not in a good way! After a car accident, difficult biz decisions to be made and my anxiety through the roof I am SO glad that January is finally over. I am ready for the rest of 2020!... and then Coronavirus came along.

Today’s blog post is collaborated with VIVE WELLNESS haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, you will know all about what, who and where soon enough!

What are supplements and should I be taking them?

Supplements come in the form of oral pills/capsules/powders/extracts and or liquids. They are usually used to supplement missing nutrients into your diet. A well-known example is omega 3! It was 'like' THEE supplement that our parents gave us, if you know you know. Supplements are not prescribed unless you have a deficiency or specific clinical illness but usually you can just buy them online or a local pharmacy. If you have a healthy balanced diet full of nutrients its likely that you won’t need supplements, however if you are for some reason deficient in a certain nutrient you can use supplements to improve your health. 


  • Bee pollen to improve my immune system and reduce hay-fever symptoms

  • Multivitamins for when I haven’t been eating enough fruit and veg

  • Vitamin C to improve a low immune system, my skin isn’t great or am trying to speed up recovery from an injury

  • Probiotics to promote a healthy digestive tract

  • Turmeric for those niggely back pains

At the end of the day It all comes down to trial and error! Since I’d rather not put chemicals into my body (pain killers/steroids/drugs) I’ll always trial supplements to improve my health over chemicals!

VIVE WELLNESS is a family run business (which I love because it important to me to support SMEs/family based companies) which tailors health supplements to the individual! Cray Cray! There have been so many times where I have walked into a supplement shop and not known where to start, the world of supplements can be very overwhelming. But, get this! the VIVE WELLNESS online analysis system works out what you need by completing a short online consultation by asking easy but important questions regarding your own health, lifestyle and diet. The health analysis takes under 5 minutes from start to finish and arrived within 3-5 days. I am nearly 3 weeks into month 1 and can see a huge difference in my hair and nails.

What you get

You receive free nutritional advice, a personalised vitamin recommendation pack, the actual supplements and re-occurring monthly subscription so that you don't have to re-order. 

The Evidence

The biggest difference is that I have found is that my hair has gotten thicker and longer since taking the collagen. The packaging is chic and bright which means you’re more likely to remember to take them each morning and part of the VIVE WELLNESS package you’re asked to leave the supplements in a place you’ll remember to take them, because seriously how many times have you bought something and forgotten to take it… like all the time. That’s the thing with supplements the more consistent the better! The only feedback I have is that hopefully the vive wellness team can find ways to reduce the volume of packaging and ensure that its 100% sustainable.  

If you have any questions on supplements then feel free to comment bellow and I will help as much as I can. 

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