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Top 6 free seated exercise video's

Top 8 free seated exercise videos (with and without equipment)

At vitality hub we believe it’s important to exercise no matter what, it doesn't matter if you’re over 60, or if you’re a wheelchair user; everyone should find a way to keep active. This blog is aimed at wheelchair users and those who struggle with regular standing exercises.

Seated exercises are very effective for people with arthritis, hip pain, spinal injury and other health conditions that affect balance and standing.

Lets start with some seated exercises without equipment.

Here are some more seated chair exercises but focusing on the upper body to strengthen and improve mobility.

Why not try this chair workout at home which foucses on stretching. You can use a walking stick, walking cane, broomstick or pole to do these stretches.

Floor based exercises can stretch and strengthen other aspects of the body, so if you feel comfortable trying a seated exercise on the floor then why not follow along to these basic exercises.

Seated chair exercises for seniors can be fun and enjoyable!

When doing these exercises you can follow along or you can stop and start the video to suit your ability for example;

Try each exercise for a time, 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

Want to do a 10 minute seated stretch exercise? This basic beginner exercise video will improve your shoulder mobility and is perfect for people over 60.

We hope you enjoy these exercises for elderly people with limited mobility.

All of these exercise sessions are aimed at senior adults who want to move more and age well. There are a variety of videos which are fun chair exercises for seniors, (seated) exercises for limited mobility and even seated dance workouts.

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