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The secret to feeling beautiful: Part 1

I thought that I would write a short article about feeling beautiful at a time of the year that people tend to feel worn out, over weight and over all ugly, now most people think that the only way to feel beautiful is by using make up to cover what we think are our flaws. In reality, what we believe to be 'our flaws' others will think the opposite, you may feel that your big nose and wide nostrils are hideous, but to someone else they are lovely, and they contribute to your beauty. And so, we try to cover these up by contouring, covering up or changing the way we look. I don’t think anyone in the world thinks that they are ‘perfect looking’ no matter how beautiful they are. 

Last night, my boyfriend said that I had beautiful eyes, and I honestly thought he was joking because I have the most average eyes in the world (another example of the lack of confidence I have towards myself). My eyes are plain brown, not big and not small, just in the middle. But it made me feel happy that he had said this, a little warm flame lit up for a moment. This is when I realised that compliments and positive comments about my image contribute to making me feel beautiful. So point 1 on the secret to feeling beautiful is surround yourself with people that love you because when they look at you they see all the goodness in you.

Us girls, we love a good pamper, I know that I LOVE them, and every couple of months when I feel down about myself, my skin has just broken out or I can see more grey hairs than usual I treat myself to my own little pamper (especially in December when funds are low).

Step 1: Get a wax! I usually wax my arm pits every 2 weeks or more, I am in a very comfortable relationship where I don’t wax my armpits for anyone else but myself. So ,70% of the time I’m a little hairy. I will also shave my legs and book in a wax (for down there). (I use veet wax strips, whatever is on offer)

Step 2: Slap a moisturising face mask on for 10 minutes, the water is really hard where we live and during the cold weather my skin tends to get very dry. Once I wash the face mask off, I dab my face with some clean and clear black head lotion and leave for 3 minutes followed by washing the chemicals off with luke warm water and finishing with my favourite ever day moisturiser (even though I may be doing this at night) – (Derma V10 tech solutions- Day cream). 

Step 3: I treat my choppers to a very thorough clean! Start by using a soft tooth brush to clean all of the fresh plaque that has amounted in the last few hours, followed by flossing, then a mouth gargle of Listerine 6 in 1, it makes your mouth pop! Lastly, I use a whitening treatment (I use: Brilliant for a smile to dazzle), I have a dentist friend who says that they don’t work but I feel like its very psychological.

Step 4: The final step, so as you may or may not know I am of mixed origin, I have middle eastern, Portuguese, Assyrian and more in me which means I have very thick course hair and so I get a hairy belly and lower back. To deal with this insecurity of mine, I bleach my hair, sounds extreme but no, I mix a formula which I put on the hair and it basically dyes it blonde. I actually like hair in these places, its natural so I avoid waxing it off.

Overall, I believe that feeling beautiful is about being healthy, having healthy skin, having healthy teeth, being fit, eating well and loads more. Feeling beautiful is not about changing what you think is ugly about yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting on make-up! I feel so sassy and a lot more confident, but don’t think that you’re not beautiful without make up on.

So, although the title of this post is ‘the secret to feeling beautiful’ there is no secret really. We all have a variety of insecurities that make us feel ugly or lack self-worth due to our looks. Stay healthy, pamper yourself occasionally, and keep telling yourself you ARE beautiful!

Lots of love The Vitality Coach


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