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The journey so far...

This is the 5th of my blogs since 2018 and I’m really loving it! About five weeks a go I posted my first ever ‘BEFORE’ photo on Instagram.

I was super nervous and I actually woke up a couple of times the night before. In my previous blog I had set myself some goals (Go and check it out). I hadn’t really planned on doing a transformation journey on myself in 2018 but I was feeling really down about how I looked and my current eating habits, so I though not only will I be able to inspire and motivate other but also myself.

So I did it! Here it my first ever ‘BEFORE’ photo. It was posted for the whole world to see and was a massive challenge for me. Since then I can see some major improvements and feel so much better about the way I look. I also feel a lot stronger which is such an achievement.

Since then I have eaten pretty well, although I have had some bad days like a McDonalds, Chiquitos a lot of chocolaty treats and alcohol. Its been spread out quite well. I make sure that during the week I stick to my food goals and either a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday (or the occasional Wednesday) I let my self go a little and treat myself to a treat day!

My workout schedule has been great! I have been doing some sort of physical activity or exercise every day, whether its netball, gym or running, but running not so much. I have actually started to reach a plateau in terms of results which is bugging me a little. I am going to try and incorporate some more challenging work outs that really push my limits next week. So, motivation levels have mostly been up! Once you start then the more you do it the easier it gets. But it can be a big mind game at times.

The others that have been working on their own healthy lifestyle goals are:

Alex who has really stuck to her plan and can really see the progress:

Lily, who has actually had to have a break from exercise due to a knee injury and Will who has got caught up in life.

This just shows how hard it is to stick to a program. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY. But they are back on track now.

That’s one of the hardest things to do- STAY ON TRACK. If you need a week out then take one, but don’t give up completely. If you can’t get yourself to the gym then try your best to use food and nutrition to reach your goals. There are loads of healthy cheap meals on: so go and check it out!- You don’t have to be a student to cook these meals, if you’re working a 9-5 job and need to make quick meals then its also perfect for you.

If you have any questions or need help with motivation then follow my instagram account- rosie_atlasstrength or let me know by contacting me via the site!

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