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The chillest weekend away

The most chill-est weekend away in Murcia

If you want to relax, do minimal work and have a break then this blog is for you. Great for couples, groups of friends or if you just need some YOU time.

Murcia is a small city in south-eastern Spain, it has a beautiful cathedral in the center which is a popular tourist attraction. The center is loaded with tapas restaurants and the evenings are warm.

Hola señoras y señores! Como estas? Una cerveza por favor! As you probably do not know, Sam and I met learning Spanish at university and we have been together for 2.5 years. Last week we got to practice our Spanish skills in Murcia a city in Spain. We left on a Thursday afternoon from Luton airport, the weekend away was due to my best-friend’s WEDDING! Which was soooooo amazing!

Day 1.

The morning was spent in the gym followed by walking the streets of Murcia city centre with the bride and getting our nails done. The afternoon all things FOOD! We stopped off at an outdoor bar that served street food, we had battered prawns, rollita de salmon (salmon roll- PENG), paella and stuffed peppers. I also ordered a Campari spritz which was blegh! I had one sip and I couldn’t force myself to drink it. The evening was spent strolling the rural streets of Murcia and consuming even more food at a tapas bar in plaza Julian Romea, a beautiful traditionally Spanish square surrounded by restaurants and a theatre.  Although I did get food poisoning I believe it was all my fault as I ate some fish based tapas that had probably been left out in the humidity for at least an hour. The night ended in a casino with Sam leaving with 6 euros of winnings and me breaking even.

Day 2.

After waking up with a funky stomach and eating some pain au chocolate I lay by the pool, people watching for 1-2 hours. I treated myself to getting my hair done at RAMON SALON, although my hair stylist could not speak a word of english and my Spanish was limited we got their in the end.

The wedding was STUNNING and I cried loads. If you’re planning a wedding I would 100% recommend looking into a Spanish wedding, it’s a  lot cheaper than a British wedding, the weather is gorgeous and the views are insane.

Day 3.

After getting home at 5am I slept for 5 hours, woke up and slept some more by the pool. We went back to the square to enjoy some more food; cheesy chips, battered aubergine, prawns and stir-fry.  and touristy shopping.  The day ended with us stuffing our faces with subway 6 inchers and a triple chocolate cookie.

Things to do

Loads of yummy resturants and cafes

Beach is 1-2 hours away

Great for shopping



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