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Sun, Skin and Scare ... *Care

Now that summer is blooming and we start to show more skin we become more conscious of the texture, colour and clarity of our skin.

Over the winter months our tans fade, our hair gets darker and more often than not we develop pigmentation's. Can we just leave our skin to look after itself? The answer is YES! We are designed to self-clean, self-care and self-cure. So how do skin care companies survive?

Well, with today's poor diets, lack of sunshine due to working 9-5 jobs (INSIDE) and increase in pollution our skin struggles to stay healthy. The human’s biggest organ comes into contact with 1000's of germs every minutes of the day we need to look after our skin.

Every day skin care is crucial for clear glowing skin, but this doesn’t mean you need to raid your local boots. Using warm water to rinse your face and neck followed by a chemical free moisturiser is all you need.

I use the original Nivea moisturiser, around my eyes and chin (dry parts of my face) and dove body moisturiser for other body parts… only when I need too. Other daily routine tasks involve:

  • Drinking or water (plenty of it)

  • Avoid touching my face on da regs

  • Eating fruit and veg (plenty of it)

  • Avoid full fat dairy products

  • Avoid soaps and body wash that either dry or grease you up

  • Make sue you rinse after sweating

However, sometimes we have breakouts, pealy-pealy skin or god knows what else we can do somein’ extra.

Tips and tricks for pealy skin


Get rid of those dead skincells that are pealing off. I use an exfoliation glove but rough towels will do! You don’t want to kill the skin, just a light stroke up and down.

Step 2. Oil up

Recently I have started to use coconut oil to moisturise and help with my eczema. But other oils like olive oil and jojoba oil are just as good, find what suits you! I would recommend using small amounts on dry skin, if your skin isn’t dry don’t oil it, make sense… right?

Tips and tricks for crusty skin

Remember, crusty skin can mess with your tan! Make sure you're skin is kept moist, moisturise twice daily!

Step 1. Clean it up

Keep your skin clean and avoid getting skin wet. Wet and dry, Wet and Dry etc totally just dries out your skin.

Step 2.

Lube it up! Get your skin greased up with some natural oils or moisturiser (see below for recommendations

*remember if you have been out in the sun, use AFTERSUN (I like Garnier)

Tips and tricks for spotty skin

Step 1. Diet

When our skin get red, blotchy and spotty its usually due to diet and genetics but mostly diet. Get your diet together and your skin will behave. TOO MUCH SUGAR AND FAT IS THE DEVIL, if you eat a lot of sweets, full fat milk and chocolate then this might be contributing to your unhappy skin.

Step 2. Keep it clean

Dirt can suffocate the skin, make sure you allow it to breath. Make up, thick creams, touching your face regularly and lack of cleansing can all lead to skin suffocation and in response a spot breakout. You should make sure your skin is clear and clean 70% of the day.

Some of my favourite products to help improve my skin:

Dermee Face cream

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