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How to not end up looking like Santa come January!

Now that the evenings are darker and days are colder us mere humans like staying in, snuggling up on the sofa and stuffing our faces with chips and dips and Terrys chocolate orange (more than usual) unfortunately terries chocolate orange is not a fruit and nor is it low in calories (I wish).  Spending more time on the sofa also means less time in the gym, I mean who wants to go out into the cold just to lift some weights when you could be watching the latest BBC drama (NAAT ME). 

Personally I really struggle to motivate myself to do exercise and not eat more than I need, so I have put in place some ideas that should help to avoid those chocolate snuggling cravings. 

Top Tips

1. Fit in 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week rather than 1 hour of exercise 6 times a week. Aim to go in the morning or during lunch breaks, the later the day gets the darker the less likely you are to go.

 2. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the reduced section or naughty aisle when food shopping (even if you are a bargain hunter, like me). During christmas prices of chocolate and sweet treats are halved, if they are not in the house you wont be (as) tempted. 

3. Rather then eating christmas presents why not use them as gifts for the kids in the family, whether they are your nieces and nephews to your cousins, give the sweet treats away (but keep the malteasers, they are for cheat days). 

4. If you're less active during December you won't need as much food, even though you feel as if you need two packed lunches why not fill yourself up on a homemade vegetable soup instead of a stodgy ham sandwich. Make sure your meal prepping healthy snacks rather than buying out! 

5. If you don't fancy gyming keep that step count up. During the cold season your body is constantly working to keep you warm which uses up energy, that, plus walking more will make your energy expenditure higher than calorie intake or will maintain energy usage. in laymen's terms, you won't put on fat. 

6. With 40 million people plus using the likes of Netflix and now TV its easier to access Christmas movies! so we tend to find ourselves watching more movies in the month of December which means crisps and tangtastics, food for thought, control our portions and snack on healthier choices like popcorn and grapes rather than sweets and crisps.  

We don't want to look like the Grinch come January and we want to protect our health and internal organs, don't we? 

With all those in mind have a cosy Christmas full of thanks and laughter. 

Merry Christmas you Filthy Animals 

love the Vitality Coach xoxo

Insta: @the_vitalitycoach

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