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Catch up time

It’s been a busy 3 months!

Just a quick catch up…

I haven’t posted a blog in a while! I apologise. I have had so much to do such as moving out of University, going on holiday and starting my new business! Yipee!

Let’s start with leaving University, shall we? It has probably been the best 3 years of my life (cliché, I know). I Have made so many friends, excelled in netball and made great memories! There were definitely very hard times though, I had my heart broken (a story for another time) did not do as well as I had expected in certain units and have also been very poor which is so draining. I finally moved out and gave in my key last Thursday, so now I can officially say that, that chapter of my life has ended and now I am transitioning to a new and even more exciting chapter.

That leads us on to the transition phase. I have been making the most of not having deadlines since the 25th May (I will never forget that date as it was my last ever University deadline). I have been laying in, going to the gym whenever I please and I also had the opportunity to go on holiday in Cyprus with my partner in crime, this is somewhere I have never been before so that can be checked off my list of places to go. There was a lot of lazing about on the sunbeds, playing catch in the pool and looking for fish in the sea. I also got to go jet skiing! I love jet skiing, the first time I went was in Lanzarote exactly a year ago and 2 weeks. The thrill, excitement and adrenaline is ecstatic! I would 100% recommend!

Anyway, once holiday was over and yes, I have major holiday blues right now, I started to crack on with business. As you may or may not know I have started a new business called Vitality Hub (follow me on Instagram the_vitalitycoach to join the vitahub club). I previously wanted to work with athletes and focus on strength and conditioning but in the past year I have developed a passion for clinical exercise.

What does that mean? This is basically focussing on individuals who suffer with clinical conditions. Some examples are: Arthritis, Asthma/C.O.P.D, Hypertension and lower back pain. But specifically, I want to help the obese population live a happier healthy life. So that’s where I am. You are all caught up.

I have some really exciting projects and plans for the next year! I hope you’re as excited for this as I am! I am aiming to post a blog every other Monday starting today, so keep in touch for updates.

Peace out ladies and gents!

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