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Beauty Blusher and Bronzer! REVIEW

Beauty Blusher and Bronzer!

As we age we attempt to beautify ourselves using a variety of cosmetic products; make-up, creams, serums, you name it! Ageing is a natural process and although our ancestors have conditioned us to think of ageing as a ‘negative’ aspect of life, I disagree. We need to change the way we think about ageing.

One of the least invasive ways of ‘improving our appearance’ (I use ‘improving’ lightly) is through make-up. Make-up can make us feel like queens and build up our self-confidence. A big part of well-being is being healthy which is why I love collaborating with beauty brands. Health and beauty is holistic and works hand in hand.

Blusher and bronzer have the power to enhance your features – it’s not about changing the way we look, make-up should be used to boost what we got!

The Second skin blusher and bronzers by Jolie beauty come in these rose gold, reflective cases! Very classy! I’ve never had a go-to bronzer, I usually just find a basic brand that I like the colour off. But now I do!

Bronzers £14.99

Its always tricky choosing the right shade for our skin – Tip, place the colour near your chest to see if it matches your complextion, best way to test it. The bronzers are natural and great for contouring under the chin and forehead. There isn’t any shimmer which is great if you are looking for a bronzer that you can wear on a day-to-day basis. Jolie attempt to create a sun-kissed glow without looking heavy.

Blushers £14.99

Lets brighten it up! If you’re looking to put some colour back into your face, then you need blusher! Whether it’s a pinky orange or dusty rose, there are lots of options out there depending on the event. I found the Jolie blusher quite salmon-ie, great to match my bright pink puffer! I loved how fine the powder is, it creates a more pure look.

Both Jolie Beauty products have a good amount of powder to last you a long a time. They have a variety of options depending on your skin colour and what’s even better is that they come with a compact mirror, perfect for a two-in-one portable application of blusher and a mirror need for a quick touch up.

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