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5 top tips for healthy eating

Lets start with the basics, here are 5 very important aspects of health that are affected by FOOD:

  • Your health

  • Weight/fat Gain

  • Body Fat maintenance

  • Body confidence if fat loss is your goal

What is healthy eating? I believe that healthy eating is a consistent and regular consumption of the right quantities of macro and micro nutrients alongside the occasional cheat meal whilst enjoying eating and having a positive food relationship. 

Right then, lets get to it!

Top Tip Number 1 is control your portion sizes!

I struggle a lot with portion control, normally piling my plate as if it is the last time I will eat. Recently though, I have figured out ways to make sure that I don’t over feed myself. One way is not making an excessive amount of food, which is typical for me as I am one of 9 children so the fridge is normally full and there were always left overs. Another way of managing how much I eat is not putting the food on the table, instead, by serving myself in the kitchen I am less tempted to add food to my plate.

Top Tip Number 2 is Make the right choices for your health

Know what’s good for you! What sits well and what doesn’t. For the last year I have been figuring out what makes me bloat and gives me gas. From my detective work, I have found that the main culprit is lactose for bloating and sugar and bubbles for gas (like most people). Now I have cut lactose products out of my diet, not completely but as much as I can as I love the occasional cheese and wine night. However, different dairy products have different percentages of lactose and those with low percentages affect me less than those with a high percentage. As I am not a big fizzy pop drinker or sweet eater cutting out bubbles and sugary foods has not been too difficult. The difficulty comes on a night out, having to chose non-sugary/bubbly drinks such as vodka tonic, which is low in calories as well! (but it does seem to taste worse and worse as the night goes on).

Top Tip Number 3 is know that FAD diets don’t work

THEY DO NOT WORK! Diets that last for a limited time just don’t work nor are they good for you. The only "diet" you should be using is a healthy balanced diet for life. FAD's may be a quick fix but once you finish you’ll go back to your bad habits and your original size.

Top Tip Number 4 using supplements properly

Everyday I am bombarded with health and fitness supplements on my social media sites, telling me that this product will give me ‘GAINZ’. Yes they might give me gainz but am I compensating for these gains elsewhere? For example, a lot of supplements contain high amounts of sugars and unnatural products, yes you may be able to grow your muscles bigger but your skin pays the price. These sugary and unnatural products not only give you gainz but spots and red skin.

Top Tip Number 5 the effects of alcohol

Forget the Gym why not have some gin? Yes we all love the occasional glass of wine or the occasional heavy night out, there is nothing wrong with that it’s more like the ‘very often glass of wine’ that is the issue. We all deserve to let our hair down from time to time but, alcohol is full of empty calories and can mess with your gut. Try to cut down on drinking, rather than 2 glasses of wine a night, go down to one, once you have achieved that go to 3 glasses a week etcetera. Reducing your alcohol intake is also good for you in the long term, as alcohol can affect your mental health and weight gain which can lead to other health issues down the line.

Employ these tips into your lifestyle and you are guaranteed to see changes!

Love the Vitality Coach xoxo

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