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Jolie Beauty Highlighters: Review

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Highlighter is always key in my makeup routine. It’s great when a small amount of makeup can really help illuminate and accentuate my facial structure – quite literally brightening up my face. Now, I don’t know about you but, there are so many highlighter options and brands available to us now that sometimes I struggle finding the perfect one. Recently I discovered Jolie Beauty and I love the range of highlighters they have!

When my ‘Second Skin’ set came, I was in love with the packaging instantly. It was pretty and simplistic, providing a modern sense of class to the product. The rose gold metallic lettering and casing is an elegant touch and the packaging really mirrors the stylish effect that the highlighters have. When you flip the compact highlighter open there is a handy mirror inside which is perfect for those on the go retouches! The compact size is perfect to carry around in a handbag or even a purse.

What I loved about the Jolie Beauty highlighters I had were the different uses I could get from them. I found one was a little shinier than the other which made it great for a night out or date night. There was just the right amount of shimmer in it to add some shine and sparkle to my face without making me look like a walking glitterball! This one would be perfect for evenings out as it adds that little extra dazzle to the makeup style. The other, less shiny, highlighter is much more suited for everyday use – whether that be for work or general daily activities. I found the sun catches the highlighter beautifully and creates a radiant and refined look which is perfect for a weekday.

With highlighters I am sure you all know the multitude of variations you can get (powder, cream etc…). The Jolie Beauty highlighters are a powder based mixture that have a beautifully smooth consistency to them – something that can sometimes be hard to find when shopping for good quality highlighters. When applying the highlighters, they weren’t crumbly at all and it blended nicely into my skin to form a natural look.

I have loved using the highlighters from Jolie Beauty and I highly recommend checking them out, as well as some of their other products too. They were stylish and compact all while at a good price, making them a great highlighter set that work in day to day situations as well as on a special night out. On their website, they advertise their products as vegan friendly and cruelty free which means not only are you getting great makeup but you are supporting ethical practices too!

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