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My favourite free from snacks

My favourite ‘free from’s’

As someone who believes in ‘listening to your body’ in order to feel great and be he he he healthy! So although I wouldn’t say that I am ‘GLUTEN INTOLERANT’ I know that gluten does affect my energy and make me feel totally pooped, so I try to stay clear of all things gluten. However I do believe that I am lactose intolerant from doing the elimination diet and my body response to lactose. This blog is more of a recommendation blog about my fave free from snacks. It's tough finding yummy snacks that don’t do bad tings to my tummy and I am sure some of you guys struggle too.

Sussex Albert Honey biscuits


Great with a cuppa tea! Made with butter and raw cane sugars in the west of sussex, although they do contain 25% milk they are gluten free and extremely pleasant. Perfect as a welcome gift hamper filler or just to dig into on a Sunday evening after dinner. I am not a big fan of biscuits, but these are to die for! Crunchy and soft they melt in your mouth.

Ginger bread


The small Horsham Regency Gingerbread store makes a variety of homely and luxury food products. When I first took a look at it I thought ‘That doesn’t look like ginger bread’ but as soon as it touched my tongue the gingery spice flavour is evident immediately. I always find it hard to find tastey baked gluten free products, they usually taste too dough-ey or too dry. It’s made with linseed which gives it a subtle nutty, slightly earthy flavour. Perfect for an Easter hamper!

£0.89 per bag

Aldi/Holland and Barrett/Amazon

Fancy a savoury snack… the first thing you think of CRISPS right? So I came across these quinoa chips 2 weeks ago and since then I have probably gone through 3 whole packets. These particular ones are Sundried tomato and garlic flavour and not only are they PENG they are vegan! The eat real chips are free from all the 14 declarable allergens and are lower in fat than standard potato crisps, SICKWAN!



Who remembers coming home after school and rummaging in the fridge for the tastiest and quickest treat? I do and more often than not it was a yogurt. Since going lactose free I have really missed yoghurt. But then I found these small pots of creamy deliciousness in a wide variety of flavours. They are a soya based product which means they are long lasting and don’t need to take up space in the fridge. My favourite is the dark chocolate but they also have strawberry, peach and banana, peach and pineapple, caramel and more!  The alpro brand prides themselves on no sugars, no sweetners and 100% plant based.

Lactose free milk


I have been using almond milk for the last 2 years in cereal and smoothies but when it comes to tea I just can’t stand the taste of almond milk and English tea. Although there are other options such as oat and rice milk which I find tastier they are more expensive. BUT when I found this lacose free milk it blew my mind! I came across this lactose free milk in aldi and it tastes exactly like skimmed milk! Its made from cows milk just without the lactose and its suitable for freezing. I would recommend trying this if you are looking to reduce your lactose intake or don’t like your current milk substitute.

Happy eating! 

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