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Back pain, ouch!

Back pain is the worst!

I actually have a really sore lower back right now as I sit in the back garden in shorts and a bikini top basking in the sun. 

It's not because I have pulled anything or done any bad damage to it, no no no, but because I have MAD delay of onset muscle soreness from doing high intensity exercise that my body is not used too.

Globally 80% of the population undergo mechanical lower mechanical back pain (LMBP) at least once in their lives. The source of the pain can be from a large variety of points in your back; vertebrae, soft tissue, disks and joints. This acute condition usually lasts a maximum of 6 weeks. If it does last longer and you feel pain in your legs then you must see a doctor, as it may be more serious.

LMBP feels like nagging or shooting pains and to be honest scientist have not yet understood the definite cause of this pain. Onset is usually a result of poor posture, lifting heavy objects and traumatic events (ie car accident).

How many times have you caught sight of yourself in a reflection or mirror and you are slumped over and hunched back?

This is probably the most common cause. Poor posture occurs when your muscles aren’t strong enough and are imbalanced. What do I mean by that? Well, If I have really tight glutes because I love to do squats in the gym but I neglect my hip flexors and abdominals, your muscles aren’t balanced, some are stringer or tighter than others which means when you are relaxed your posture is not neutral.

Ways to improve posture are:

1. Romanian deadlift

This is my favourite compound movement, overtaking squats (mad! I know) If makes me feel so strong and gives me a huge buzz in the gym.

2. Planks

One of the best posture exercises out there, the plank strengthens your abdominal muscles and back muscles (also known as your core). It is a perfect example of how your back should look whilst standing.

3. laying on a hard surface

After a ‘Ard day of work find a hard surface, like your kitchen floor and carefully get on the ground and lay with your face facing the ceiling, take 20 deep breaths whilst laying there and push your belly button into the ground, maintaining that position for the 20 breaths.

4. Sports massage

Get YOW self some TLC! Find a local masseuse (check that they are a sports masseuse with the right qualifications. The truth is that you won’t be fixed after one session, but you will feel a lot better, the tension in your back will be decreased and boy will you feel RE-LAXED. I would recommend seeing a masseuse twice a week.

5. posture re-training

I didn’t even know that was a thing? Yes! Of course you can retrain your posture, it involves endurance exercises, stretching and controlled breathing: Check this out -

I hope that this has been helpful! If you have any questions or any topics you would like me to cover then please please please give me a message at


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